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Churches Together in Farnham
Walk of Witness

6th April 2012

A turnout of more than 250 people from churches in and around the town made the 2012 Farnham Good Friday Walk of Witness one of the biggest in memory.  Shoppers fell quiet and turned to watch as the silent procession went by.


John Edwards of Holy Family, Heath End, gave the bidding prayer at the starting point - the top of The Hart.  Then the procession made its way through the town centre, via the Borough and South Street to St.Andrew’s Church, where Canon Andrew Tuck led the concluding service in the Churchyard.

Richard Haines and Steven Knowles took turns in carrying the large wooden cross at the head of the procession.  Sgt Jenny Hammond provided the Police Escort; Mavis Leach drove the back up car at the rear and Angus Cleaver provided the sound system.

Stewart Dakers, co-ordinator of Churches Together in Farnham’s Good Friday Walk of Witness, said: “Once again this has been an inspirational experience.  It seemed to me that as many people took part as we have ever had.”

Outside St.Andrew’s Church, everyone joined in singing “When I behold the Wondrous Cross”.  Speaking at the short service, Canon Tuck (Rector) said: "How truly blessed we are to do our Walk of Witness through Farnham on this beautiful day.  There are many places where we would not be able to do so.  We are blessed to have something like 25 or 26 churches taking part.

"Good Friday, most importantly of all days, reminds us of our need for God's love.  The cross reminds us that despite our brokenness God loves us and wants us to be one.  Our Walk is in silence which is sometimes more powerful than words.  Today we remember the brokeness of Good Friday but we know that in three days time we will be celebrating the glory of the resurrection on Easter Day."






Photos © Mary Clarke

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