Churches Together in Farnham Christmas Lunch

25th December 2005

We were very grateful to the Gostrey Centre for providing the venue for this annual event for people on their own on Christmas Day.  I was extremely grateful to the staff at the centre, who were so helpful in advice and setting out the tables on Christmas Eve and to those who came and helped to lay the tables, and get the rooms ready.  We were very fortunate to have drivers for both the Centre buses which was a great help in getting guests there on time.

Chris Smith was in charge of the kitchen and with his helpers produced a delicious meal.  The turkey was provided by Messrs Morgan of The Ridgeway and we thank them very much.  We actually had 92 guests.  Some of the helpers were able to sit with them to have their lunch after they had served the first course.  In all, 99 were seated in the main room and about 15 more helpers in the side room.

We were very glad to welcome Mr Jeremy Hunt and Mr & Mrs Clark who visited us during the meal and Mr Clark kindly acted as Father Christmas giving the presents which had been wrapped by the staff at Elphicks.

We are grateful to the Charities who provided the funds this year to cover the entire cost of the event, except for the table centres and illustrated menus which were kindly donated.

I should like to express my very real appreciation to everyone involved in the organisation and helping in any capacity, for truly without them, none of it would be possible.