Walk of Witness

Good Friday 2010

Hundreds followed the Cross through the rain soaked streets of Farnham in the annual Good Friday Walk of Witness.

Undeterred by the weather, an impressive turnout from many churches and denominations joined the silent procession from The Hart to St Andrew's Parish Church, then gathered inside the church for a message, prayers and hymns.

The Rector, Canon Andrew Tuck, reminded them that without the Crucifixion there would be no Resurrection. He had observed how the watching bystanders fell into silence too as the silent Walk of Witness passed through the town. He had also been very conscious of the trees along the way. Unless deeply rooted, trees would not bear leaves. In the same way, it was important that we had a strong foundation of our lives. We needed to be strong in our faith - deeply rooted in the Cross and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Churches Together in Farnham's Walk of Witness was organised by Stewart Dakers. Steven Knowles (Churchwarden of St Andrew's) led the procession, carrying the Cross.

Below are a few pictures of the approach of the Walk to St Andrews.

Walk of Witness 2010 (1)

Walk of Witness 2010 (2)

Walk of Witness 2010 (3)

Walk of Witness 2010 (4)

Walk of Witness 2010 (5)

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