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Surrey Minority Ethnic Forum

Surrey Minority Ethnic Forum (SMEF) is a community organisation set up in 2009 to represent the needs and aspirations of a growing ethnic minority population in Surrey.  We actively work in eight of the Districts and Boroughs that make up the increasingly diverse area that is Surrey.

SMEF‘s model is of a neutral space – where people of diverse cultures, histories and ethnicities come together to find solutions to the common economic and social challenges they face living in Britain today.  A space where communities have the confidence to shape their destinies by a shared understanding of their values, rights and responsibilities.

SMEF publishes a periodic Newsletter, which can be read on-line using the link below.  From June 2022, this has incorporated news from the Surrey Faith Links project, which until then published a monthly newsletter.

SMEF Newsletter — July 2022 edition


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Surrey Minority Ethnic Forum is Registered Charity No: 1153956

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