During the current emergency, group worship and meetings are cancelled or postponed.  When the situation starts to improve, please check church websites or with organisers for their ongoing plans.  More information about Farnham HERE


“Share Farnham” Initiative
Message to ASSIST Volunteers & Supporters
“Thy Kingdom Come”
Christian Aid Week On-line Service
Coronavirus Helpline Opens for Farnham
National Church Leaders Responce to Pandemic
Churches Together Directory (June 2020 edition)
In Memoriam
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Churches Together E-Newsletter 
July 2020 Special Edition


An uncertain future but with Hope
Dear Friends
As COVID-19 subsides there is hope, but also tragedy and crisis.  Many people are left behind, struggling with the illness, with bereavement, with lost jobs, jobs in danger and an uncertain future.  The virus has not gone away and who knows what will happen next.  Will masks and social distancing be enough?  A minority reject social distancing and insist on having parties - will we all suffer because of them?  However we know that the majority of people want to do what is right and will continue to offer help and support to others in every way they can.
But there is tragedy and crisis elsewhere.  Yesterday it was reported that 150 men, women and children had arrived on our shores that day, refugees from France - some in the flimsiest of crafts - bringing the total number arriving in this way, since the beginning of the year to 3,000.  For them, help is offered by local groups along the Kent coast and by the Jesuit Refugee Service, a charity with a mission to “accompany, serve and advocate on behalf of refugees and other forcibly displaced persons”.  These refugees too are coping with COVID-19 and, if not able to help directly, we should be aware of their plight.
Locally, CTF have been asked to publicize a webinar exploring the potential for community-led housing in Farnham.  With homelessness and almost insurmountable difficulties getting on the housing ladder, I think most people feel the present housing situation is defective and inadequate.
“God our Father, open our eyes to see your hand at work in the splendour of creation, in the beauty of human life.  Touched by your hand our world is holy.  Help us to cherish the gifts that surround us, to share your blessings with our brothers and sisters, and to experience the joy of life in your presence.”  (Old Opening Prayer with permission from St.Beuno’s Outreach).
                Michael McDonnell
                Chair of Churches Together in Farnham


An E-Newsletter is published each month, including upcoming activities and an event listing.  To “READ ALL ABOUT IT”, please CLICK HERE to download your copy.

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Coronavirus Helpline
Leaflet from Farnham Town Council
Farnham’s Good Friday Walk of Witness
Cancelled this year
Christian Aid Week 2020
10th-16th May
Donation Appeal
Response in Farnham by Churches and Local Organisations
Farnham Food Bank Farnham Filling Station
2020/21 monthly meeting (online) dates will be posted when available

Farnham ASSIST
Supporing older people

CTF Ecumenical Prayer Meeting
Third Tuesday each month - online by “ZOOM”
Sunday evening Alpha Course in Farnham
By “ZOOM” — starting 5th July
More notices on the NOTICE BOARD page . . .

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“Share Farnham” Initiative

On 12th May 2020, two Community Stores opened in Farnham to enable sharing and borrowing items to help adults and children to keep busy and active during the present COVID-19 restrictions. “SHARE FARNHAM” opened from that date with community stores at Farnham Maltings (Bridge Square) and Hale Community Centre (“The Bungalow”).

Stores are manned by volunteers.  Items are donated and include puzzles & board games, books, musical instruments, garden games, sheet music, craft items, DVDs, toys, exercise equipment and cookery equipment.  Donated and borrowed items are quarantined for 72 hours.

If you would like to help, or to donate items, or have any other queries, please call the Farnham Coronavirus Helpline 01252-745446.  For those shielding or self-isolating at home, the Helpline can assist with collection and delivery of donated or borrowed items.

“Share Farnham” is a joint initiative by the Farnham Maltings, Hale Community Centre, Farnham Town Council and the Farnham Herald.

For more information, including opening times,

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Message to Volunteers and Supporters

from June Trantom, Manager of Farnham ASSIST

On 30th July, June wrote to volunteers and supporters to thank them for their continuing support for the older folk of Farnham:

Dear Friends,
I do hope that all is well with you and that, as the general community eases into a new normal, you have been able to take advantage of getting outside and meeting friends and family albeit in a different way.  I am pleased to report that all is well at Farnham Assist and that we continue to find favour across the community enabling us to continue our work.
The COOK deliveries finally came to an end, after 12 weeks of continuous donations.  I know from the feedback received from our clients what joy such a gesture made.
Next Thursday we are delivering a cream tea across the town in order to keep the idea of a regular gift going, as it does give such a boost to those still stuck at home.  Meg and Maureen will be baking the scones, which I know will be delicious to accompany the preserves and cream.  Mel has prepared a prayer card to go in each bag which I shall pack here in the office.  In addition, I have included a leaflet produced by Active Surrey on ways to stay fit if you are at home, with examples of simple exercises.  The costs for this gift are being covered by Waitrose and their Community Matters scheme, for which we are so thankful.  A big thank you to the amazing team of volunteers who are helping me with the preparation and delivery of these teas.
I have just heard that Lady Tindle has agreed that the proceeds from the Downing Street Charity Shop will be coming to Farnham Assist at the end of August.  This is wonderful news and enables me to plan for an autumn treat for all.
Thank you for your greetings for Alison, who leaves us at the end of August, which I shall ensure she receives.  It’s still not too late if you want to send a donation to me at the office towards a leaving gift.
These are still challenging times and I have a meeting with the Assist Board on Monday via Zoom, when we shall be considering our next steps as a charity.  All our usual social programme is suspended, but we continue to maintain our contact with clients via telephone and, with the permission of family members, some of our befrienders have been meeting their clients in the garden - socially distanced of course.  All those who have been shielding will be able to do more from the 31st July, but I have found that people are not confident to go out - which is understandable - and we must all continue to take care and be vigilant to protect one another from the virus which is still in the community.
We now have a total of 130 volunteers and we are looking after 220 clients, with referrals still coming.  We had 6 new referrals from GPs and Adult Social Care in the last week.  The volunteers maintaining telephone contact and running deliveries or collecting prescriptions have been amazing.
I know you will be heartened by this update as I am.  Farnham Assist continues to make a big difference to many older people living alone and I thank you all for your continued support.
With much appreciation

For the Farnham ASSIST web-site — click HERE

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“Thy Kingdom Come”

“Thy Kingdom Come” is a global prayer movement that invites Christians around the world to pray from Ascension to Pentecost for more people to come to know Jesus.  Although this period is now past, relevant resources are still available for you to download from

Prayer resources which support a variety of traditions can be found at

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Christian Aid Week — On-line Service

On Sunday 10th May, Christian Aid Farnham published their Virtual Service for Christian Aid Week.  Don't worry if you missed it on the day; the service remains on You-Tube for you to enjoy.  The service was prepared by local churches.

Please use this link:


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Coronavirus Helpline Open in Farnham


FARNHAM AND VILLAGES HELPLINE — If you need help during the COVID-19 emergency and have no access to family, friends and neighbours, call the Farnham Co-ordination Centre on 01252-745446 (9:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m) or e-mail  There is a recorded message on the phone line outside hours.

The helpline was announced by Farnham Town Council on 26th March and has been established in conjunction with Farnham Herald and The Maltings.

More information is available HERE.

You can view or download the Farnham Helpline Leaflet from the link below:

Download Leaflet here.
PDF format
File size 228,985

Please consider giving a copy of the leaflet to a neighbour who may need it.

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British & Irish Church Leaders united
in response to Covid-19 pandemic


At the start of Holy Week, as Christians follow in the footsteps of Jesus as the events that lead to Good Friday unfold, followed by the hope of Easter Day, leaders of churches throughout the British Isles have issued the following statement and call to continued prayer as we face the Covid-19 pandemic.
They write:

“God’s world is in the midst of an unprecedented crisis.  In the nations that make up Britain and Ireland the Covid-19 virus continues to affect people at an alarming rate, health services along with many of our institutions and organisations, both local and national, are under extreme pressure and people are getting used to living in a very different way, many in extreme isolation.  As with all such crises, there is a danger that the most vulnerable in society will be most badly affected.
“Christians the world over are entering an important time in the church year as we look to the events of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection.  At the centre of our common faith are both the depths of despair and the heights of joy.  In the Bible and in the songs and liturgies of the Church, we see Jesus entering fully into human suffering.  In His rising again, that suffering is redeemed and transformed into hope and joy.  After Jesus’ death his disciples were afraid and all seemed lost and hopeless, but the risen Christ met them in their despair and restored hope through his victory over death.  We pray that the world today might know this hope in place of despair.
“In the Book of Daniel, we read about God’s people being taken into exile in Babylon.  Daniel could not pray in the Temple in Jerusalem, but he continued to pray in exile – opening his window to face Jerusalem.  Though he was on his own he joined with the prayers of the people wherever they were.  Now we too are separated from each other physically, but when we pray in our homes we join in with this ancient tradition of our home as a place of prayer.  Wherever we are, whenever we pray, when we speak and think of Christ, there he is in the midst of us.  We join our prayers with all those who pray in our own churches and communities and around the world.
“As church leaders from across the many and varied churches of these Islands we urge all people to join us in prayer this Holy Week and Easter; to pray for those who suffer, those who face untimely death and all those who care for them; to celebrate our common faith at a difficult time; to help and support our neighbours in need; and to observe all the safeguards in place to slow the spread of disease.”

Our Prayer
“Loving God, in Jesus Christ, who died and rose again for our salvation, cast out the darkness of our anxiety, fear and mourning, enfold us in your love and give us joy and hope this Easter.  Amen.”

Full list of signatories is available HERE.

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CTF Directory - June 2020 edition

The Churches Together in Farnham directory provides contact information for CTF Officers, Member Churches and Associated Organisations.  Download HERE for local printing (PDF format; file size 39,916) or find out more on the “CTF Directory” page.


In Memoriam ...

Churches Together in Farnham record with sadness the death of dedicated and committed Christians who have played important roles in our support.

Please CLICK HERE to see recent reports.

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