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Farnham Christian Community Trust (FCCT)

Farnham Christian Community Trust was founded in 2000 as a Company Limited by Guarantee and Registered Charity, with the declared aim of releasing the dreams and visions of Christians in Farnham.  It developed to become the framework for a range of inter-church collaborative projects in Farnham.

Currently supported projects and activities include:

Further inter-church initiatives have included “Love in Action” Prayer Events, “The Gathering” Prayer Event and, in 2018, “The Rethink Mission Week”.

Over its two decades of operation, FCCT has supported over 60 projects, notable amongst which have been Farnham Parenting, Farnham ASSIST, “Options” Pregnancy Crisis Support, “Ignite”, Pure Sport, “GEMS”, “The Cooler”, Orison Prayer Tent, Farnham Local Food Initiative, “Catalyst”, Free Bible Images, “Romance Academy”, with many smaller projects supporting the community, children & youth in Farnham.

FCCT provides a legal & charitable framework for projects, enabling them to avoid or minimise the expense and effort needed to operate as a dedicated charity.  The framework allows for inter-church projects, so that these do not have to reside within a single church’s charitable framework.  FCCT can provide all that is needed to support projects safely.  The goal is to free projects to focus on what they are passionate about, thereby being more easily be salt and light in our community.

A group of Trustees & Staff oversee the legal responsibilities of the Charity, including Company and Charity Accounts, policies or procedures, leases and contracts, employment and governance, memberships of professional and legal bodies and insurance.

Farnham Christian Community Trust is a Company Registered in England & Wales No.3904228 and Registered Charity No.1079778.

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