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Farnham Foodbank is a community-based initiative which seeks to help alleviate the known unavoidable delay between people being identified as being in emotional or financial crisis, and state support becoming available to them.  This foodbank is run in partnership with local churches and first went “live” in Farnham on Friday 5th November 2010.


Linking in with the Trussell Trust, a nationwide network of similar organisations, Farnham Foodbank has the expertise to provide compassionate yet professional relief to people in the greatest short term need, and fulfil the guiding principles of restoring dignity and reviving hope.

Foodbanks are a great and very practical way to engage with the community around us, fostering powerful links not only with those directly benefiting from the food, but with local schools, supermarkets, churches and the general public.

How It Works:  Farnham Foodbank works with a range of local agencies such as Citizens Advice, housing support officers, Children’s Centres, health visitors, social services and other local charities.  These agencies can offer appropriate long-term support to those in need, but are also able to supply Foodbank Vouchers exchangeable at the Foodbank for a pack providing three days of emergency food.

For much of the lockdown period and until mid-April 2021, Foodbank Centres in Farnham were closed, with food parcels instead delivered to homes.
From 19th April 2021, Centres are open as normal (see below).

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Distribution Centres are at:

  • The Vineyard Centre:  Church House, Union Road FARNHAM GU9 7PT
    Open:  Fridays from 11:00 a.m until 1:00 p.m
  • Bethel Baptist Church:  New Hall, Rushden Way, Upper Hale FARNHAM GU9 0QA
    Open:  Tuesdays from 11:00 a.m until 1:00 p.m
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A typical Food Parcel includes:
Breakfast cereals Soup Pasta
Rice Pasta sauce Tinned beans
Tinned meat Tinned vegetables Tinned fruit
Tea or coffee Snacks Biscuits

You can Help ...

  • By donating food - collection centres in churches, schools and some stores (food MUST be in date and MUST NOT be perishable - see list above)
  • By donating time - volunteers collect and sort food;  and pack and distribute food parcels.
  • By donating money - follow the More about Farnham Foodbank link to discover how. 

Farnham Foodbank is seeded by TRUSSELL TRUST and supported by Farnham Christian Community Trust (FCCT - registered charity No: 1079778).

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