West Somerset Food Cupboard Newsletter, April 2020

Food parcels since the project began in 2007 - 14,157           Food parcels so far this year - 600

Dear Friends,

As I write this we are in our sixth week of lockdown and we don't know how much longer the restrictions will be in place. Having changed the way that we operate in the food cupboard our new routine is now well established. We continue to sort donations and pack boxes on Mondays and Thursdays but we now have deliveries coming in on Tuesdays and Fridays which means that one of us has to be at the food cupboard on those days too. I am very grateful to the Revd Kenneth Cross and his family for stepping in to receive some of those deliveries. I am also very grateful to my current band of volunteers who have coped with everything I have thrown at them and still look cheerful!                             
In the March newsletter I said that initially I was concerned that we would not have sufficient food items to sustain our service at an increased level but we are receiving a good number of donations again now and we also have other sources for some items that are in short supply. We do still have items that I would say are shortage products and I have listed our priority needs below. Many people have also sent financial donations which is so kind and we are now in a very good financial position. I know many other charities have not been so fortunate, particularly those relying on charity shops and regular fund raising events and I am encouraging people to think about donating there as we have been so well looked after by you all. Please forgive me if I have not been able to acknowledge all the donations received individually, it does not mean that I am ungrateful - just incredibly busy. Thank you all.                                                                                                    
The need for food boxes has doubled over the last few weeks which is not unexpected in the current crisis. People who cannot work, vulnerable people and many families are finding it hard to make ends meet at the moment and they are often feeling pretty desperate when referred to us. It is humbling to hear their stories and how grateful they are when their food box arrives.                                                                      
As I said above, I am including a list of the items that are in short supply, to help people who wish to donate. I hope you may be willing to pass on the list to those who are interested as we are constantly in need of all these items while demand is high:
Tinned fruit
Tinned spaghetti
Tinned tomatoes
Tinned potatoes, peas, carrots and other veg.
Tinned custard or pudding rice
Tinned cold meats
Tinned hot meats
Savoury biscuits
Fruit juice.
For those of you who use social media just a reminder that the food cupboard has a Facebook page. Newsletters and other updates will appear on this and I also use it to let people know which food items are most needed. If you are Facebook user please look for ‘W S Food Cupboard' and if possible like and share so that it is seen as widely as possible.

Thank you all again for your support.
Ann Gibbs Co-ordinator

Email: foodcupboardws@outlook.com                                 Phone: 07795 080637.

We also have a Facebook page (look for West Somerset Food (...)

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Food cupboard June 2018New double doors into the food cupboard improving access and making better use of the space 

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