West Somerset Food Cupboard Newsletter, December 2019

Food parcels since the project began in 2007 - 13,557
Food parcels so far this year - 1622
Dear Friends,
This is the last newsletter for 2019 and before anything else I must say THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to us. It has been an absolutely amazing few weeks and we have been overwhelmed with the generosity of so many people in the lead up to Christmas. So many individuals, voluntary groups and businesses have responded to the needs of others that our cupboards are currently not just full but overflowing in some cases - and this is after sending out all the Christmas parcels!
December, as ever, was a very busy month. I am very grateful to all the regular volunteers who worked so hard and to all the extras who appeared at the busiest times to help with the Christmas preparations. We have been fully occupied during our sessions in the Food Cupboard packing boxes and bags, making sure that they were all ready to be delivered in the week before Christmas.
As always those who receive the parcels have been very appreciative. We have had many referrals for people who needed help over the Christmas period and the agencies working with us have collected numerous parcels and bags to support them. Over the month of December over 300 boxes and bags have been delivered to clients which is a massive total and clearly indicative of the need that there is. It is also worrying to note that this total is much the same as last year despite the fact the Quantock Foodbank has now been in full operation for over a year and, I am sure, has also been very busy. Food Cupboards Christmas '19
As I have mentioned the cupboards are currently very full and we really do not have room for any more of certain items. As you can see we have mountains of beans and cereal. We also have more tea, soup and pasta than we can handle so please could you spread the word and avoid these items for the time being? That said, we do need donations of milk, fruit juice, coffee, sugar, rice, tinned hot dogs and cold meats.
I have no doubt that in a few weeks time we will have different needs but for now I would be very grateful if the message could be shared with those people who donate regularly. It is a very good position to be in as we begin the year. Financially we are also in a good position and we are considering ways of using the funds we have to enhance the work of the food cupboard. I will have more news of this soon. I can only say again how grateful we are to every single one of you who has made a donation over the past year. You really are making a difference!
As we begin 2020 I have a couple of dates booked to speak to community groups about the work we do and I am happy to do more if the opportunity arises.
Ann Gibbs
Email: foodcupboardws@outlook.com
Phone: 07795 080637.

We also have a Facebook page (look for West Somerset Food Cupboard)


Items needed for the West Somerset Food Cupboard:
Long life milk
Litre boxes of fruit juice
Tinned hot dogs
Tinned cold meat

*  *  * 

Food cupboard June 2018New double doors into the food cupboard improving access and making better use of the space 

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