West Somerset Food Cupboard Newsletter, October 2020

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Dear Friends,
All things considered October has been a fairly quiet month. Harvest gifts have continued to come in despite all the restrictions and challenges which has been wonderful. Thank you all very much. We currently have very full cupboards! I have not needed to do any extra shopping for some time now but I am aware that demand is likely to increase as we go back into lockdown so we are keeping a close eye on our stocks . I am very grateful to all those of you who have been delivering donations to the food cupboard and do so on a regular basis.
We do still have excess amounts of pasta, beans and cereal, soup and tea so please let people know if you can as we are struggling to store the quantities
we have.
Our thoughts are now turning towards Christmas and the extra boxes and bags that will be needed, especially this year. I am already receiving requests from one or two agencies for a number of boxes to distribute in time for Christmas. Apart from the usual items that go into the boxes, at Christmas there are extra items requested to help clients have a better time over the holiday:
Christmas puddings
Mince pies
Christmas cake
Tins/boxes of sweet and savoury biscuits
Chocolates and sweets

 Christmas packing 2019

Packing - Christmas 2019 

With the impact of COVID-19 and the colder weather I do expect the demand to rise further so your donations are all much needed. We will be packing the Christmas boxes on the 14th and 15th December so that they are ready for agencies to collect and distribute in time for Christmas. This means that any donations specifically for Christmas really need to be with us in the previous week.
In the meantime, currently we have shortages of:
tinned cold meats,
fruit juice
and tinned potatoes.
Thank you all again for your support.
Ann Gibbs

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Food cupboard June 2018New double doors into the food cupboard improving access and making better use of the space 

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