The Church of Our Lady St Mary of Glastonbury

St Mary's RC shrine

 St Mary's Roman Catholic Church in Glastonbury is on Magdalene Street. Its large, imposing facade faces the ruined medieval abbot's kitchen across the road in Glastonbury Abbey. St Mary's is the centre of a thriving Catholic community living in Glastonbury, Street and their surrounding villages. It is actively engaged with other Christians and non-Christians in the town and tries to respond to their needs.

St Mary's is also the Catholic Diocesan Shrine of Our Lady, where Mary is venerated as the Mother of God. It also commemorates the last abbot of Glastonbury, Abbot Whiting, with his companion monks John Thorne (the Abbey's bursar) and Roger James (its sacristan), who were tried in Wells and executed on Glastonbury Tor in 1539.

Statue of Our Lady St Mary of Glastonbury

There is an annual diocesan pilgrimage to the shrine each summer, and other groups organise pilgrimages during the year. The shrine is kept as accessible as possible, with admission on request if the doors should be found closed. Visitors of all faiths and none are welcome.

New mass times have been announced for 2020 on reopening following the closures due to the corona virus these replace the usual masses that may resume at some future time.  The new mass times are: Vigil Mass Saturdays 6 pm Sunday 10:30 am and 5 pm in the ordinary English form and 12:15 pm in Latin (Conventional Mass) .  Weekday masses at 10am are also held on Mondays and Saturdays with Conventional Latin Mass at 07:15 each week day.

Historically prior to the corona virus: Sunday Mass took place at 11am, with a Vigil Mass on Saturday evening at 6pm. There was also a Latin Mass every Sunday at 6pm. Times of Confessions and weekday Masses are displayed in the porch. Private healing prayer was available each Saturday morning from 10.30am to 11.00am and a Service of Healing is celebrated approximately bi-monthly at 7.00pm on a Friday evening. The Parish Priest, Rev. Bede Rowe, is often available for prayer or a chat, or the Sacrament of Reconciliation by appointment.

Priest: Father Bede Rowe

Telephone: 01458 832203

Admin Office: Open Tues - Fri 10.30am - 4 pm

01458 835931