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World Day of Prayer 2019

St.Thomas-on-The Bourne
Friday 1st March 2019

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Farnham’s 2019 World Day of Prayer is being held at St.Thomas-on-The Bourne on Friday 1st March, starting at 10:30 a.m.  .

This year, the service has been prepared by the women of Slovenia.  It is entitled “A Wave of Prayer Encircling The World”.

Slovenia lies at the heart of Europe.  It is a land of immense natural beauty, with a great variety of scenery and a varied climate.  A fairly small country, with a population of about two million and an area similar to that of Wales.  Modern Slovenia became independant in 1991.

This is a Service for Everyone!  Children are welcome.

The service will last for about one hour and will be followed by refreshments.

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St.Thomas-on-The Bourne
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