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Frensham Baptist Fellowship Closes


Marindin Hall

Frensham Baptist Fellowship (FBF) is a church family.  We are friendly and welcoming, with a heart for Frensham and the surrounding area.

“Sadly, after 30 years of meeting in and serving the village and community of Frensham, we feel it is now God’s will for us to close our doors and move to other churches in Farnham.”  FBF holds its final service at the Marindin Hall in Millbridge on Sunday 21st July 2019.

FBF began on 12th February 1989, initially meeting at the Church of The Good Shepherd, before moving to the Marindin Hall on 13th January 1991.

They express their: “gratitude to all who have contributed to the life of FBF and the blessing they have felt from so many who have passed through on life’s journey.”

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