Churches Together in Farnham's
Walk of Witness

Friday 18th April 2014

Great Support for Farnham’s Walk of Witness

Hundreds of Christians from churches in and around Farnham joined in Farnham’s Good Friday Walk of Witness. Clergy and laity of the various denominations walked together in silence, following a large wooden cross.

Walk of Witness 2014 1

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From the starting point at the top of The Hart, they processed through the main streets of the town to finish at St.Andrew’s Parish Church.  In accordance with biblical tradition, the cross was carried by one of the walkers, randomly selected from the crowd.

Walk of Witness 2014 2 Walk of Witness 2014 3

This solemn commemoration of the Crucifixion takes place annually on Good Friday.  It is organised by Stewart Dakers on behalf of Churches Together in Farnham.  This year, P.C. Chris Skillicorn Aston provided the police escort.

Walk of Witness 2014 4

The Revd Conrad Hicks (Farnham Methodist Minister) said the opening prayers at the start of the Walk.

Walk of Witness 2014 5

At the finish, everyone gathered round the cross in St.Andrew’s Churchyard and the Revd Joy Lievesley (Curate) led prayers.

Walk of Witness 2014 6

She said: “Our silent walk together through our community is a simple expression of who we are - why we are - how we are.  We have walked with our thoughts.  Perhaps we have journeyed with self-reflection.  We have walked with attentiveness – perhaps with thanksgiving for all that is good and creative in our lives and in those of all around us.  We have walked in companionship - perhaps offering to God our concerns for people and places.  Let us in the silence collect those thoughts in prayer.”

Walk of Witness 2014 7

After all had joined in singing the Good Friday hymn: “When I survey the wondrous Cross” and said the Lord’s Prayer together, the Revd Joy concluded with a blessing in the name of Jesus Christ, “who on the cross set us free to serve him with joy – may we walk in his love and share in his peace.”

Walk of Witness 2014 8

Pictures of Walk of Witness 2014 by Benedict Parsons

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