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Letter to all Christians from the Mayor of Farnham

Introduction from Churches Together in Farnham

We are currently very blessed to have, in the person of Jeremy Ricketts, a Town Mayor in Farnham who is a committed and active Christian.  He is committed to all things that serve to build up our local community and is keen to foster links between Council and church initiatives in this regard.

He is deeply convinced of the importance of prayer and recently asked representatives of the CTF Steering Committee to meet him recently.  We discussed ways in which Churches could link with initiatives to improve our local environment that are fundamentally community-based.  At the meeting he raised the idea of a “People’s Prayer” and it was agreed we would circulate a letter from him to the CTF network.

The aim at this stage is to prompt us all to think how we, as churches and Christian organisations, may work both spiritually and physically to improve the quality of life in our community. — The Mayor’s letter is reproduced below.

Very best wishes
Andrew Partridge
Secretary, Churches Together in Farnham

The Mayor’s Letter

Jeremy Ricketts

To all Christians in Farnham:

In my capacity as Mayor I have been invited to many community-minded groups dedicated to improving the lives of the people in Farnham.  Many of these are Christian based or have Christians working hard for the common good.  I wish to thank you all most sincerely.

I am seeking your help, please, regarding something I care passionately about.  Our fantastic and beautiful town is being threatened by unfettered green field housing development and blighted by traffic congestion and air pollution.  I believe that if everyone who cares about Farnham comes together we can make a difference.

In speaking with the Steering Committee of Churches Together in Farnham last week, we thought that community action for Farnham’s problems would be strengthened by a “People’s Prayer” said and spread throughout our churches, schools, youth groups, etc.  If you like this idea and wish to help construct one, Andrew at CTF would like to hear from you at - subject “Help the Mayor”.

My draft for discussion is as follows:
“Heavenly Father please guide us to resolve our traffic congestion and air pollution problems.  We wish to be allowed to resolve these problems through the power of openness, transparency and review.  Help us reclaim our beautiful town for the benefit of people.  We ask this in Jesus’ name.  Amen.”

I feel that bringing our concerns before God is of primary importance, with practical responses following from this.

Whilst I am writing I would like to draw to your attention two channels for the latter.

  • Firstly, to control housing development, I would like you to consider taking part in Farnham Town Council’s Neighbourhood Plan survey at www.farnham.gov.uk/shapefarnham - I have found these surveys are best done over a cup of tea in small groups.  The more people that respond the greater the credibility of this Plan.
  • Secondly, I am advocating a “congestion buster campaign” to tackle traffic and air pollution problems.  Here residents will be informed about the positive action they could take to reduce congestion (and air pollution).  Please ask your councillor (at Farnham, Waverley & Surrey) if they would support this initiative - they will be listening since elections are approaching!

Best regards
Jeremy Ricketts
Mayor of Farnham

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