Badshot Lea and Hale Parish

The Community Orchard in Upper Hale

Badshot Lea & Hale Parish

The Parish of Badshot Lea and Hale have been granted permission and have obtained funding to create a Community Orchard on land between the Tesco store and St.Mark’s.

Community Orchard poster

The fruit trees have been ordered and the planting date set.  Trees have been ‘adopted’ by community groups so that the trees get the ongoing care they need.

Hale will soon have a community orchard.  Members of the community, old and young, are invited to bring their spades and help dig some holes for the fruit trees on Saturday 8th November at 1:00 p.m at St.Mark’s Church, Upper Hale, GU9 0LT.

The trees will be planted on Saturday 6th December at 1:00 p.m and again members of the community with willing hands and spades would be welcome!

Paul Sowden who is leading the team said:
“It is exciting that the orchard is going to actually happen.  The trees have been ordered and I hope that this will become a beautiful and peaceful space for all in the community to enjoy.  It was great to see young people at the consultation evening who were so engaged and interested in the project.  We have eight community groups who have adopted a tree each, so that the tree can be cared for properly — there is room for other groups to adopt the other two trees.  At the moment we are concentrating on the trees, but we also intend to create a wildflower garden and that will be our next challenge.”

Digging in the Community Orchard

John Ely, who has experience with creating and restoring orchards said:
“We have chosen trees that are local varieties so that they will thrive in this part of Surrey, not just apple trees but pears and cherry trees too.  We’ve also decided to train a quince along one of the walls which will be a beautiful addition to the orchard.”

Parish Priest The Revd.Lesley Crawley said:
“We have a responsibility to look after creation and we know that planting trees has a beneficial effect not only in our own community but more widely than that too.  Christians believe that the beauty of creation gives glory to God and I hope this orchard will be beautiful as well as fruitful and that it will become a sanctuary for all in Hale.”

Lesley added:
“After a few years, when the trees have started fruiting, we could host Apple Days at St.Mark’s, bring a juicer to the church and all of us could bring our own apples to create juice, as well as pick the ones in the church.  Apple Days can become good community events with Morris Dancers, cheese tasting, cider tasting and worship too.”

More information from Revd.Lesley Crawley on 01252 820537.  Or by e-mail to

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