CTE logoA Message from General Secretary: Revd Dr David Cornick

Dear Colleagues

Local Unity in Mission
We are pleased to send you A new framework for local unity in mission, the result of two years of hard work by our working party and of consultation with our member churches. We are deeply grateful to the working party, and to you and your churches for the careful and thoughtful way in which you responded to the consultation document A new framework for local ecumenism which we circulated in March 2015.

We believe this document is a landmark on our journey together in ministry and mission. We have been very conscious that the Christian landscape has changed almost beyond recognition in the last twenty years, and that the structure inherited from previous generations were proving less and less useful. We hope that this suggested new framework will provide a light yet dependable structure for co-operation together between the many churches in England, that it will be stimulus to creative thought about how best to serve our communities in Christ’s name, and that it will enable the discovery of our common discipleship in Jesus Christ.

We commend it to you.

You will see that there are recommendations to the churches in Section 5, and we would also ask you to respond to us by 6 February 2017 to let us know what progress you are making by answering the following two questions from page iii of the report:

a. Does the framework provide acceptable parameters for the member churches of CTE to work co-operatively at local level?

b. Are there aspects of the framework in which your church cannot participate?

Please send your replies to me by e-mail david.cornick@cte.org.uk with the subject line new framework for local unity in mission so that they can be collated and a progress report made to our March 2017 Enabling Group.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Yours sincerely
The Revd Dr David Cornick
General Secretary ( On behalf of The Rt Revd Robert Bryne (Convenor of CTE’s Trustees) and the Revd Ruth Bottoms (Deputy Convenor of CTE’s Trustees))