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Christmas Tours in Farnham’s Schools

The Signposts Team delivers assembly tours to infant, junior and primary schools in Farnham and surrounding communities at Christmas and Easter.  In addition, the team delivers a summer Year-6 Transition Tour designed to help connect with students moving into their secondary schools from the following September. Signposts is supported by Farnham Christian Community Trust (Registered Charity No.1079778).

“Open The Book” deliver Christian assemblies in Folly Hill and Badshot Lea schools.

For the Christmas Schools Tour 2019, the assemblies and visits to schools span the period from 25th November to 13th December.  The Team is visiting 16 Farnham Primary schools (All Saints Tilford, Bentley, Edgeborough, Folly Hill, Highfield, Potter’s Gate, Rowledge, St.Andrew’s, St.Mary’s, St.Peter’s, St.Polycarp’s, South Farnham, Waverley Abbey, William Cobbett) to tell the CHRISTMAS STORY to the children.


  • For your particular school and for any others which you know about or are connected with;
  • For all the children and the staff who will be hearing this wonderful story; and
  • For all the teams leading the presentation.

Thank you

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