Easter Sunrise "Service" 2020

Our usual activities include a sunrise service at Kendal CastleEaster Morning has, for many of us, meant a trip up to Kendal Castle for a sunrise service to celebrate the Risen Lord. In 2020 we cannot physically join each other at Kendal Castle, or indeed anywhere. But there are ways in which we can continue some aspects of this traditional service.

 So what are the salient points. The sunrise service on castle hill is about celebrating Easter Day with the coming of the risen Christ; sharing this with other Christians; reminding ourselves of the events as recorded in the Bible; going public with our worship; praying for the people of our district; self disciple/sacrifice in rising early in the morning. We have always shouted in unison "The Lord is Risen. Hallelujiah". We have always turned outward to pray for the people of Kendal and District. You can probably think of other features of the service.

We are suggesting that you can do all these things from your own homes or gardens, with the obvious exception of gathering together at the castle. So at 6.30am On Easter Day, in an act of "togetherness", read to yourself the Easter morning story from the Bible; pray for the people of the district, and shout aloud "The Lord is Risen. Hallelujiah". Sing an Easter hymn if you like. In addition have an extra prayer for everyone as the world suffers from this terrible pandemic, and pray that God will give people the strength to deal with their own situations. If you do not manage 6.30am feel free to have your "castle experience" later in the day, when you will do it as a member of our community of Christians. Or you may choose to take your excercise for the day at 6.30am and have your "castle experience" then, but be careful that you are obeying the strict guidelines and do not stop walking.

 May you all have a blessed and peaceful Easter


Passion for Kendal  will last for a whole week next year 2021.