Serving the churches of Kendal and District 

Most of the churches in Kendal and the surrounding district are members of  Churches Together in Kendal and District ; which belongs to Churches Together in Cumbria, and that belongs to Churches     Together in Britain and Ireland and so on to The World Council of Churches.

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There are four national ecumenical organisations, in addition to national denominational organisation.

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The AGM which should have taken place in May 2020 did not happen. Most churches are arranging services on the internet, so please look up their websites, which should be available by going to the Churches page.

The Town Hall coffee morning December 7th. was good with a subtle emphasis on the Nativity and even some carol singing. Thanks to all who helped.

Mission Communities - the Beacon group is now launched, and the Helm group is having joint gatherings. CTiKD is deeply committed to this, and much involved although not the organizing body Mission Community

Job adverts
Jobs which are within one of the local churches may be advertised Job adverts. Currently there are no vacncies. 

Community - In need of help?
There are local organisations connected with the local Christain community that can help you. Find out more by clicking on any of the following - homeless - foodbank - drop-in-centre - mental-health - carers for those experiencing mental distress .

The latest CTiC newsletter is exciting events, see the Newsletters

Minutes, albeit edited, of the executive meeting are  made public here. Some reports are on the Annual General Meeting page. This will give you a good idea of what we do.

Discover how the churches in this beautiful part of England are working together in a truly ecumenical way.  We, as part of Churches Together in Cumbria are part of the county of Cumbria which is the first ecumenical county.

Details of our forthcoming events and joint services are in the What's On section; CTiC events are listed on their website.


Easter Sunday Sunrise
Not the usual service at the Castle- but do it in your own home - for details click 

Want to go to Church on Sunday?
Why not let church come into your living room? As many churches are arranging serices and reflections using Zoom or Youtube or some other form of communication. As it is impossible to gather information about events in this fast moving situation try looking at the Churches page and clicking on the church of your choice to see what their website says.

This well read publication is normally handed out free to all church goers, but there is no need to suffer withdrawal sym
ptoms as it available online the way 

Devotions and Sunday Services and Covid19 - God is there right beside us all the way during this difficult time. Follow this link to find a few of the Online activities for you at home.

Lent Groups 2020  started but had to stop.  

Torchlight Procession Our enormous float was decorated as the rain lashed down and everything was wet. But a small, dedicated team did wonders and we had a good float. A Salvation army band, a piano and our singers treated the thousands of onlookers to a variety of well known hymns. Noone knows what message was taken by the crowds, but it is an amazing chance to let Christians be seen in a very happy situation. 

Kendal Unity Festival - Saturday June 20 2020. We are hoping to ha

Easter 2020 - EVERYTHING HAS BEEN CANCELLED. But there are numerous services, devotions etc. on TV, radio, internet sites, youtube etc. We will try and put a list up here if people give   details. 

A Passion for Kendal  - Easter 2021 - a week long event (March 28th to Arpil 4th 2021) on the streets of Kendal leading up to Good Friday. Plans are already underway for what will be a magnificent portrayal of the historical events of 33AD. Passion for Kendal

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2020 January 18-25  Pulpit exchanges took place for Sunday services. Each church had a minister of another denomination - quite a logistica job for Linda our secretary.

2019 Carol Singing at the Birdcage went well, and the small number of singers was made up for by the magnificent standard of singing. 

Town Chaplains Kendal now has four Town Chaplains; Margaret, Georgina, David and Hazel. Do speak to them if you see them round the town.

King's food bank is now involved with providing food for those who suffered in the floods.  It is an initative to provide food for those without any; many local churches collecting tins and are other food - but please not too many baked beans  or pasta!