Passion for Kendal  Easter 2012

Crucified JesusWatching the crucifiction

Mary with the crucified Jesus   as the crowd at the Brewery silently watches

The women at the empty tomb Women at the tomb
PfK choir at the castle



A fire sculpture of the burning sun with eleven raysPfK fire sculpture



The choir at Kendal Castle on Easter Saturday hearing the haunting music reflecting the solemn scene

Photos by Charlotte Jackson & Jenny Ottewell

Sunrise on Easter Sunday is always celebrated on the hill at Kendal Castle

Sunrise service


In 2011 eighty people worshipped on a glorious resurrection morning in as the sun rose over the hills



Looking at the whole world 




Finally they turned towards their homes  and beyond to bless their part of he world 



Sunrise service

 Easter Sunday 2010
at six o'clock the sun was not obvious but the
singing made up for it





 Good Friday - there is always something solemn and different each year

During the Walk of Witness 

Near Goosehome during the
Walk of Witness 2011




Abbot Hall Gardens



An act of worship at
Abbotts Hall during
the Walk of Witness 2011





Witness at the Bird Cage
Leading the walk of witness








2010 Walking through the streets of Kendal - witness at the Bird Cage 



Serving the CommunityRest tent provided by CTiKD

The Westmorland Show

Providing a rest tent at the Westmorland Show on a hot day in 2010 provided shade and refreshing water
and friendship

Rest tent provided by CTiKD





and on a wet day in 2011 provided shelter and clean water to drink
and friendship


Display of multifaiths





 Kendal College Faith Forum 

Students are taught about multi faiths
What do we tell them that Christianity is ?

Bibles - crosses - activities


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