CTiKD fit for the 21st. century

In 2008/2009 we had a rethink of our purpose, which resulted in using the CTBI constitution, and having local "purposes"

The other main changes made were to use lay people to run CTiKD, allowing the clergy to take part in those things that best suited their talents. And the old snail mail to a select few was replaced by e-mail to the many.

Churches Together in Kendal and District (CTiKD)Purposes
The purposes of Churches Together in Kendal and District are to assist member churches to:

  • Join in pilgrimage, seeking to deepen our fellowship with one another in Christ;
  • Give common witness to the good news of God's love for all, shown in Jesus Christ;
  • Celebrate what we hold in common and appreciate and learn from our varying traditions;
  • Communicate effectively;
  • Encourage the sharing of prayer, worship and work together.


Supporting arrangements
The following arrangements are suggested to support the purposes of CTiKD

Churches in Kendal and District wishing to be members may opt for full membership, appointing up to three representatives, or associate membership, appointing up to three observers.

General Meetings
General meetings of all representatives and observers will be held quarterly and more frequently if the Enabling Group decides.
One of the quarterly General Meetings will be the Annual General Meeting.
At all General Meetings representatives will each have a vote.
To be quorate a General Meeting must be attended by representatives of at least 50% of churches having full membership.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM)
The AGM will

  • receive written reports from the Chair and Treasurer.
  • elect officers from among representatives.
  • adopt objectives for the coming year, having invited member churches to propose any such objectives.

A church whose representative is elected to office may appoint another representative to take their place for as long as they hold office.
The AGM may set a subscription for the year for member churches in the light of the Treasurer's Report.
A copy of the Minutes of the AGM and of Reports received will be sent to all member churches.

Officers will be Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.
Having been elected, Officers will serve until the next AGM.

Enabling Group (EG)
The Chair, Secretary and Treasurer will be ex-officio members of the EG.
Two other representatives will be elected by the AGM to serve on the EG.
The EG will serve until the next AGM.
The EG will determine its own operating arrangements.

Other supporting arrangements
The EG or a General Meeting may from time to time put other supporting arrangements in place to meet a particular need. Such arrangements must receive the approval of the subsequent AGM to remain in force.

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