Bridging the Gap

The Glastonbury foodbank 

Foods that we collect for our food parcels

Items highlighted are currently in short supply and demand is extremely high at this time.

Autumn and Winter 

The summer of 2019 was very busy.  Food stocks ran out and food had to be bought in to keep the foodbank going.  Donations from Harvest have relieved the situation but we will still need regular donations of food to keep going and avoid shortages.   Highlighted items are those that are usually in greatest need.  Since the need fluctuates with demand and the donations that are recieved these items may change from time to time. If you are thinking of donating seasonal items please be carefull that they have long dates as demand is random and we do not give out items past their use by date (Christmas Cakes and puddings are usually long dated but mince pies are normally very short dated)

The items that are not highlighted are given out by the foodbank but we have sufficient supplies for a short while even if we do not recieve any more donations of these items.

Tinned Vegetables - peas - carrots - sweetcorn - green beans - tomatoes

Tinned Fruit All types e.g. Mandarins, Peaches, Pears, Fruit Cocktail

Tinned Meat - Meat Pies - Stewed Meat - Slicing Meat (ham corned beef)

Tinned Puddings: Sponge Puddings - Custard - Rice puddings and similar

Tinned and Packet Soup

Baked Beans



Ready Meals (e.g. Rice/Pasta packets) 

Breakfast Cereal


Fruit Juice







Peanut Butter 

Pasta Sauce

Tinned Fish

Long life food from the above list (no fresh food please!) can be donated in our collecting boxes in the Morrison's and Earthfare stores in Glastonbury.  There is also a small box in Nationwide  All the churches in "Churches Together in Glastonbury" will also take donations. Many of the churches in the wider coverage area of BA6 and BA16 will take your donations for the foodbank but please check with them first.  In Street donations can now be handed in at the Crispin Community Centre. Cash donations are also welcome - please consider filling in a Foodbank Gift aid form so that income tax can be reclaimed on your donation.

 Page last reviewed 31st October 2019