Churches Together in Farnham’s
Walk of Witness

Friday 15th April 2022

An opportunity for Farnham Christians to bear Witness on Good Friday

After the two-year pause due to the COVID restrictions. once again all are invited to gather in The Hart in Central Farnham at lunch-time on Good Friday to join the silent Walk of Witness around the town centre.  Please gather from 11:45 a.m;  the walk sets off at noon.

The time marks the first hour of Jesus’ crucifixion - He is recorded in the Gospels as being nailed to the cross at noon and finally dying at three o’clock in the afternoon.

Walk of Witness 2014 WOW Poster

The walk will proceed along West Street and The Borough, then down South Street and, via Union Road, up Downing Street, ending in St.Andrew’s churchyard.  Here there will be a concluding prayer.

Everyone is invited to join in!
Bring your friends and neighbours.

Poster available for download, please CLICK HERE - PDF format (file size 38,002 bytes)

If you would like to see pictures of a previous year’s Walk of Witness and read the report,
please CLICK HERE.


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