Churches Together in Farnham’s
Walk of Witness

Friday 25th March 2016

Christians Bear Witness on Good Friday

About 180 people gathered in The Hart at 12 noon on Good Friday to join the silent Walk of Witness around Farnham.  The time marked the first hour of Jesus’ crucifixion - He is recorded in the Gospels as being nailed to the cross at noon and finally dying at three o’clock in the afternoon.

Walk of Witness 2016 1

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Prayers at the start of the walk were led by Rev. Conrad Hicks of Farnham Methodist Church.

Walk of Witness 2016 2 Walk of Witness 2016 3

The cross at the head of the procession was carried by Robert Thain and Richard Haines, respectively Lay Minister and Churchwarden from St.Andrew’s church.

Walk of Witness 2016 4

The walk was organised by Stewart Dakers on behalf of Churches Together in Farnham — as on many previous years.  The walk was guided by a team of willing helpers, but now without police support.

Walk of Witness 2016 5 Walk of Witness 2016 6

At the end of the walk in St.Andrew’s churchyard, prayers were led by Pastor Michael Hall, of Farnham Pentecostal Church.

Walk of Witness 2016 7

At the concluding prayers, Pastor Hall had everyone who had gathered around the cross turn to face outwards and pray to be of service to the community around them — in this way seeking to follow the example of Jesus Himself.

Report on Walk of Witness 2016 by Andrew Partridge; pictures by Richard Poppe.

If you would like to see pictures of last
year’s Walk of Witness and read the report,
please CLICK HERE.


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