National Exhibition Tour for Motorway Prayer Landmark Launched in Bedfordshire

Last week, an ambitious project to build an iconic National Prayer Landmark in the UK took its next step forward as a national exhibition tour across the country is launched at Elstow Abbey, Bedfordshire.  

A small Reception, which began the two day exhibition, was hosted by broadcaster, writer and judge of the global competition, Pam Rhodes.

We were also delighted that the Lord Lt of Bedfordshire, Mrs Helen Nellis was among the list of guests attending.

During the Reception, Pam interviewed Richard about his vision for the project and Pam spoke about a new book she is writing on the theme of Answered Prayer, to be published next year.

The exhibition was opened at the iconic Bedfordshire church, where John Bunyan was baptised, on Friday and  Saturday. Members of the public were welcome to visit, talk to members of the Wall team, submit prayers and give feedback on the shortlisted designs.

The National Prayer Landmark will consist of a million bricks, which will represent a million answered prayers.

The Wall of Answered Prayer

​team ​

is encouraging those who have prayed to Jesus and believe their prayer was answered to share their story

​ with any donated funds being used to help finance this unique piece of public art.

For each brick built in The Wall a brick will also be donated for social housing both in the UK and abroad.  Any excess funds from the project will be donated to charity.

It is expected that The Wall of Answered Prayer will bring significant economic benefit to the locality where it is built.  The Angel of the North estimate that the installation in Gateshead has generated more than £500m to the area to date.

An announcement around the preferred site is hoped in the summer of 2017.

In September 2016, The Wall of Answered Prayer, working with the Royal Institute of British Architects, launched a global competition to obtain concept designs for this colossal structure of a million bricks.  

134 entries from 24 countries were received and following two judging panels, the entries were whittled down to 4 as well as a public vote winner.

Of the five shortlisted entries, three are from UK designers with one from Italy and another from Denmark.

When this Wall of Answered Prayer is built, it is estimated that this could be the size of 100 houses, which is three times the size of the Angel of North. The aim of the project is to see this structured built by the side of a motorway.

This next stage of the project, working with Ibstock Brick, is a National tour to universities to share the shortlisted designs and invite those who attend to offer their feedback. This will be

Welcoming the exhibition on its first stop of the national tour, Fr Paul Messam, Priest in Charge of Elstow Abbey said:

“The bricks that make up the Abbey Church St Mary & St Helena, Elstow have been in place for well over 900 years. During this time they have stood as a living testimony to the power of prayer.

At a church which saw John Bunyan baptised and which in time provided the catalyst for his pilgrimage of faith it seems an appropriate setting from which to launch an exhibition of designs for a Wall of answered prayer as it begins it’s pilgrimage around the UK.

We look forward to welcoming the exhibition to a historic church with a living faith”

Pam Rhodes also said:

"It has been a huge privilege to see the Wall of Answered Prayer start to take shape. Since sitting in a room last November, with other judges, we have seen five shortlisted design unveiled as to what this National Prayer Landmark might look like.

I am delighted that we have the opportunity to invite people to submit their prayers for this structure and comment on the designs through a National tour throughout the rest of 2017.  

I am delighted that we were able to launch this at Elstow Abbey, the church where John Bunyan was baptised. From Elstow to the nation to share the vision of this amazing project!"

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There was an interview aired featuring Richard Gamble and Pam Rhodes on BBC Three Counties Radio Sunday Breakfast on 18th June 2017, which can be heard here -