Easter 2021 in Liddlington
Easter Grave 

Liddlington Easter Garden was in place for a week and averaged about 20 visitors a day for prayer and reflection. There were many more villagers who looked in through the railings. A palm cross and Easter Card from the church was delivered to every household. A large number of the palm crosses were displayed in peoples’ windows as  hoped.

There was a piece of scripture affixed to a log stump and an invitation to contemplate the events around Jesus’ death and resurrection.  There was a “tomb” that was opened on Sunday Morning when footprints and some discarded Roman armour and spears, no doubt left by fleeing soldiers, appeared!

 They normally go to the school and, with support from the staff, help the children build their own miniature Easter Gardens from jacket potatoes etc. That was not possible this year of course, so they created this video for the children to watch and make their gardens at home: