West Somerset Food Cupboard Newsletter - June 2018

Food parcels since the project began in 2007 - 10,870        Food parcels so far this year - 950

Dear Friends,

Firstly, apologies that this newsletter is a little late going out. As some of you know I was ordained priest on Saturday 30th June and was on retreat during the previous week and therefore was not able to do the newsletter; I hope this has not caused problems for any of you as I know that some of you very kindly put my reports in your own parish magazines etc.

June has been a fairly busy month in the food cupboard although it has been a little quieter over the last couple of weeks. The building work to put in new cupboards and widen the door started in the second week of June and is now almost complete. I am looking forward to being able to sort out all the cupboards properly so that we can be a bit more streamlined. Having a double door into the main cupboard is already proving beneficial especially when we have a lot of boxes to pack.

With the summer holidays fast approaching I am very aware of the number of families who will find the school holidays a struggle, especially those who rely on free school meals. I am in touch with agencies who work with schools so hopefully we will be able to ensure support for those who need extra help. If you have contact with schools in any capacity please remind them of this facility. The food cupboard phone number is 07795080637 if anyone would like to make contact on behalf of families.

Last month I included a list of the items that we currently need for our boxes, to help people who wish to donate. I am including it again this month and hope you may be willing to pass on the list to those who are interested as we are constantly in need of all these items while demand is high.

Tinned fruit

Tinned spaghetti

Tinned tomatoes

Tinned potatoes, peas, carrots and other veg.

Tinned custard or pudding rice

Tinned cold and hot meats

Pasta sauce


Savoury biscuits

Long life milk

Fruit juice.

We have plenty of beans, soup, tea and pasta.

For those of you who use social media the food cupboard now has a Facebook page! Newsletters and other updates will appear on this and I will also use it to let people know which food items are most needed. If you are facebook user please look for ‘W S Food Cupboard’ and if possible like and share so that it is seen as widely as possible.

It is so lovely to greet people as they come into the church with the donations made from around the district. If you happen to be in the vicinity on a Monday or Thursday morning please do call in and see what we are doing. I have already been booked for a couple of speaking engagements later in the year and that is after the ones already done in the last couple of months. Please get in touch if you would like to know more. Finally, welcome to the Revd Kenneth Cross who becomes Vicar in Alcombe from next week.

Thank you all again for your support.

Ann Gibbs, Coordinator


Food cupboard June 2018New double doors into the food cupboard improving access and making better use of the space 

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