West Somerset Food Cupboard Newsletter
December 2017

Food parcels since the project began in 2007 - 10,020
Food parcels so far this year - 1952

Dear Friends,

This is the last newsletter of 2017 and what a year it has been! We have been exceptionally busy and the need for food parcels certainly doesn't show signs of decreasing in the foreseeable future. I took on the role of co-ordinator from Christine Payne a year ago feeling a little nervous and hoping that the food cupboard would continue to meet the needs of the community in West Somerset. It has been a steep learning curve but I have been ably assisted by a wonderful group of volunteers, without whom we could not function. It has been very rewarding and it has been lovely to meet a number of you over the past few months. I hope that I will meet more of you in the coming year. Thank you all so much for your continuing support too.

This December has been a very busy month. I am very grateful to all the volunteers who worked so hard and to Jill Bray who came out of retirement to help with the Christmas preparations while I was away for my son's graduation. We have been fully occupied during our sessions in the Food Cupboard packing boxes and bags and sorting donations (which have been numerous and very gratefully received). I must say thank you to all of you who have collection boxes and deliver goods to us on a regular basis as well as all those who have made extra donations for Christmas.

As always those who receive the parcels have been very appreciative. We have had many referrals for people who needed help over the Christmas period and the agencies working with us have collected numerous parcels and bags to support them. Over the month of December over 250 boxes and bags have been delivered to clients which is an amazing total and clearly indicative of the need that there is. It also takes us over 10,000 parcels since the Food Cupboard was started!

Currently we have a good stock of most foodstuffs, thanks to the generosity of all those who donate to us. We have plenty of tea, soup, pasta, beans and tinned fish at the moment but would welcome small jars of coffee, tins of cold meats, and jams or similar spreads so that we can make sure boxes have a good variety of foods and beverages. As we begin 2018 I have a couple of dates booked to speak to community groups about the work we do and I am happy to do more if the opportunity arises.

Ann Gibbs, Co-ordinator


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