Page updated 16/05/2021


Christians against Poverty - CAP  Christians against Poverty

The Fenland CAP Debt Centre is seeking to recruit a new Manager/Debt Coach (voluntary position) to replace our existing manager. The details are here:  Christians against Poverty


Coronavirus outbreak

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, it is not possible to be clear about what individual churches are able to do at the moment.

For details of what each church in March is able to do, please contact the relevant church.

The websites of each church are listed here. 

Each website will have contact details.  Your best bet, therefore, is to contact the church directly.

A list of phone numbers for each church is listed on this site: (external site)

Phone numbers for each church


Requests for prayer

Centenary Church in March has set up a prayer email address.  It is       Anyone in the Community, those who go to church, and those who do not, can contact that email address and ask for prayer.