Page updated 25/06/2022


What's on accross the Churches in March


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Tea and Toast

Thursdays 09:00am - 10:30am - St Peter's Church Hall.  

Make time for yourself!

A place to chat about life in all its glorious messiness, meet new people, and support each other.  

Informal, friendly, loosley-structured sessions about everyday life, friendship, faith and spirituality.  

Open to all ages.  Pre-school children welcome; toys/mats will be avilable.

Free event -  tea/coffee/squash and toast and biscuits available. (Donation if you can afford it) 

Drop in for all or part of a session. 

Contact or by phone: 07738 294726.


All the churches 

The websites of each church are listed here. Please note some of the Anglican Church's websites are currently not working so you will need to phone them.  

A list of phone numbers for each church is listed on this site: (external site)

Phone numbers for each church


Requests for prayer

Centenary Church in March has set up a prayer email address.  It is       Anyone in the Community, those who go to church, and those who do not, can contact that email address and ask for prayer.