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Individual churches of Crayford may be members of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland.

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Welcome to Churches Together in Crayford.

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, the 2020 - AGM was held by Zoom, on 23rd June 2020. The following people will be serving on the committee for the next 12 months.

Chairman - Rotating

Alex - Treasurer (St. Mary of the Crays)

Secretary - Vacant (Rotating Minute Takers)

Fr Paul (St. Paulinus C of E)

Fr David (St. Mary of the Crays)

Rev. Andy (Crayford Baptist Church) 

Pastor Ceri (ACTS 2)

Pastor Tutu (R. C. C. G. The City of God)

Rita (R.C.C.G. Faith Chapel)

T.S. (St. Mary of the Crays)

M.I.  (ACTS 2)

R.S. (ACTS 2)

D.M. (St. Paulinus C of E)

B.G. (St. Paulinus C of E)

V.W. (Crayford Baptist Church)

C.R. (Crayford Baptist Church)




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