To keep you informed of more long-term work going on in Tooting, we've outlined here a range of information to get and keep you interested, informed and involved. Click on the link that interests you!

A month's worth of activities are planned during the Olympics period. Here's an opportunity to meet people you don't know and those you do. One of the aims is to provide inspiration to people who are struggling so that they can see ways of achieving their dreams. Another is to encourage community cohesion.

A range of community projects continue to meet needs of people of all communities in the Tooting area. A person closely involved with each project will try to keep you up-to-date and to show how you can get involved.

People across the area pray together on the third Monday evening of each month. Discover a way to deal with your problems, develop your spirituality and engage meaningfully with God as you join those who pray! Find out here where the next meeting is taking place.

Many are trying to develop their business or services. This is an opportunity for you to get some publicity for your product or service!

For many life can be a struggle and words of wisdom can be inspirational. The self-development section is an opportunity to share something that has helped you along life's journey. Maybe it's just what someone else needs now!


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