Serving the churches of Carlisle, Cumbria

Individual churches of Carlisle may be members of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, and one of the four national ecumenical organisations, through their national denomination or organisation.

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Welcome to Churches Together in Carlisle.

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Discover how the churches in Carlisle are sharing and working together.

We hope you'll visit our forthcoming events and joint services. Please see the
What's On section for details.



 Churches Together in Carlisle and District



Provisions for the Homeless

Though interrupted by the recent floods, our breakfasts for homeless people have picked up again. Please contact us for further details.


Street Pastors

An enthusiastic group in Carlisle, our volunteers continue to provide a helpful prescence on the streets on Friday and Saturday nights, working in partnership with the Police, Council and voluntary groups. Would you be interested in volunteering? Please contact us.