About Us

Churches Together for Tooting (CTFT) expresses the commitment of Christians to work together to meet the spiritual and material needs of the communities. The communities are not only those living or working in the geographical area of Tooting. They are also the communities that either through historical allegiance or through common ethnic background associate with communities in Tooting.

Membership of CTFT is open not just to churches in the traditional geographical area of Tooting. It is also open to churches meeting outside that area but that for any reason have struggled to engage effectively with their geographically local Churches Together group.

Working together to meet spiritual and material needs is shown, for example, through :

. Joint churches events, e.g. during the Olympics period 

. Community projects 

. Christians praying together 

. providing business and services

. self-development help 

CTFT was started around 1994. It owed much initially to the dynamism of Revd. Brian Stevens. It developed into a group of around six churches working together, primarily in running Alpha courses, helping people to develop personal spirituality and faith. Since 2002, CTFT has been re-launched. Leaders and members of 40 churches, representing around 4000 attendees, have attended its events. It has become a home and hub from which Christians of many backgrounds have found ways to engage more effectively with each other and with the communities. Churches listed here are those that at one time or another have attended meetings of or associated themselves with Churches Together for Tooting.


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