Serving the people of South Ham and area

Individual churches in South Ham can all be found on this website. Please use the links or contact information to get in touch with us!

See 'contact us' for our contact information.   


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Contact your local Churches Together

 St Andrew's Methodist Church

General contacts: 01256 323590

Lettings: 01256 323873, email lettings:


web site: (...)

 facebook page: (...)


St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church

General contacts: 01256 323595

web site: 


St Peter's Anglican Church

General contacts: 01256 352 682


web site: 


South Community Church 

General contacts: 01256 316000


web site: 

Sorry about any out of date notices on this page! we do our best to keep this updated, but look on each Church's web site for more up to date info :-)
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