JUNE 2019


OrycJune has been a time of looking ahead for ORYC as Matt and the team look towards the summer holidays and further into the new academic year.

Weston Rhyn's Ichthus Youth has been running for a few weeks now, and although attendance is currently low. We hope that this core group of young people will be able to invite friends along. This Friday (28th June) we have our first informal social gathering which is a great opportunity for friends to be invited and new people to come along.

St John's, Weston Rhyn. Fridays (term time) 5:30-7pm

Whittington Ichthus Youth is evolving in its meeting style and location and we can know reveal that we are adjusting our meeting schedule to enable us to run alongside Whittington's Messy Church each month. We will be starting again in September and will share details closer to the time.

Back to Basics is the first of two Summer holiday activities run in partnership with Hope Church.
This event is an opportunity for those young people 11 - 18 who are interested to come along and do some bushcraft and backwoods cooking alongside reflecting on what do we actually need in our lives to be happy.
If you would like more details or would like to book a place, please do let Matt know by the 21st July as we are limiting numbers.

This is the second Summer holiday activity that we are running in partnership with Hope Church.
This event is an opportunity for young people aged 11-18 to come along and let off some of that holiday boredom by playing some wide games on
The Old Hill Fort, Oswestry
If you would like some more details or would like to attend please to get in touch with Matt by Monday 12th August.

ORYC is partnering with the Schools Christian Worker Project (SCWP) in creating their section of the Churches Together in Oswestry District (CTOD) gazebo this year. Alongside their display Matt and Jane are creating a game that will hopefully attract passers by of all ages. If you are attending please do pop in to say hello, and if you have a young person with you. It would be great if they could spare half an hour helping us man the game.

Matt will also be attending as many village fetes as possible to share what ORYC is doing.

If the Summer wasn't exciting enough Matt is currently in conversations with the local churches discussing the possibilities of even more activities during the holidays for local young people.

More Details will be published soon.

Matt and the ORYC team cannot do this work without God and we really do appreciate your prayers. June's prayer requests are mainly for Matt and the teams he works with as they plan for the future, but there are also some amazing praises included.

We would love it if this month you could include the following in your prayers:

- Matt and Cat (Hope Church) as they plan the two united summer activities,
- Matt and ORYC as they continue to plan publicity and activities for the summer,
- Matt and the Ichthus Youth teams as they continue to evolve the gathering and pray for growth in attendance,
- Please give thanks for the young people who have been confirmed this year at St Oswalds and Whittington and pray for continued work with them,
- Praise for all the Messy churches in the deanery and pray for Matt as he explores how he can support them,
- Praise for Gods presence in Oswestry Rugby Club agreeing to Matt being their Chaplain (mainly in his spare time) and prayer as conversations continue,
- For the management committee as they search for individuals called to support ORYC through being on the management committee and for a new line manager for Matt.

ORYC is in a very exciting time of growth, with gatherings for young people meeting regularly and more activities planned for the future.

To enable us to do this we need a team of volunteer

s to support us in our work. If you

 feel God calling you to get involved in some way please do contact Matt and he will be in touch to chat it over with you, probably over a coffee!

If you feel God Calling you but don't want to listen using the age old excuses of "I'm too old" or "I'm too busy" or my favourite "I haven't got anything to offer" (Don't worry we have all used these before, M

Matt Barkley Pioneer Youth Minister Email: minister@oryc.org.uk Phone 07762148085att definitely has used them all (and he's only 29!) ) Then please do still get in touch as there is a whole variety of ways that you can volunteer, whether that is through leading the sessions to providing the refreshments and it could be weekly, on a rota, or at our one off events. Matt will be delighted to chat through it all options with you.


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