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Food for Change —

a project in Northern Burkina Faso
supported by Christian Aid in partnership with the Office de Developpement de l'Eglise Evangelique (ODE)

The project is described following this box. 

This fundraising is being undertaken by Churches Together in Newport Pagnell in the context of an EU pledge, that if we can raise at least £5,000 by March 2017, the EU will add five times that amount, i.e. an additional £25,000, thus making a total contribution to the project of £30,000

This EU support is described further in this YouTube video.

A target to collect £5000 by March 2107 was set several years ago.

CTNP is happy to announce that at August 2016 the total collected was £5007. The majority of this money was raised by small events like coffee mornings, quizzes and donations from the churches. There is gift aid still to be added to this total.


Any more collected until March 2017 will be added to the total,
and multiplied by 5 by the EU.



Office de Developpement de l'Eglise Evangelique


Food for Change focuses on improving resilience and food security for poor communities in Northern Burkina Faso who face extreme hardship as they eke out a living on the southern edge of the Sahara desert.


By Alvaro1984 18 (Own work) Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The dark blue area on the adjacent map shows where Burkina Faso is located in West Aftica.

Project partners are working with local families to increase agricultural production, boost household income and improve the nutritional state of babies under 2. Focusing on the poorest and most vulnerable in 45 villages, our project’s ambitions are rooted in the needs of the community. Our partners (ODE Office de Developpement de l'Eglise Evangelique) are local men and women who understand first-hand the experiences, uncertainties and challenges that families in Burkina Faso face.

Through the project, households will receive improved seeds and fertilisers, as well as training in production, develop farming collectives so that work is collaborative and benefits everyone. Additionally, livestock such as goats and hens will also be provided in order to protect families from ongoing droughts, providing them with food and an income when harvests fail. More on the Christian Aid ODE partnership at Christiian Aid ODE partnership YouTube video and on the Christian Aid website. There is a verbal description of the Burkina Faso environment on the podcast West Aftica on the brink.

The Food for Change Community Partnership will run until March 2017.