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 Mission in the Economy

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An initiative of the Churches working together in the economic life of Merseyside.


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Pentecost - a Journey of Hope

Christians on Merseyside celebrated Pentecost 2019 together 

This year's Pentecost Celebrations started at the Metropolitan Cathedral with a very meaningful service followed by a pilgrimage along Hope Street.  Everyone made their own way stopping at prayer points in their own time.  People met the Church Leaders for a chat on the piaza of the Metropolitan Cathedral and then walked along. 

Prayers were said in groups following the pilgrim path with four stops accessable on an app which is still available at and there was time for conversations along the way. One pilgrim shared: "I was surprised that I managed to speak to about four to me unknown people and experienced the warmth of friendship."

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The event concluded in the Anglican Cahedral with scripture readings and with a blessing by Church Leaders representing Churches Together in the Merseyside Region.

All were invited to take the Christian message to the world. 

CTMR Young Adults 18+  Young Adults invite 1/3

... got together for coffee prior to the celebrations  to prepare themselves.  They were invited to lead most of the readings.  When the opportunity arose  to invite young adults present at the service to their monthly meetings they approached them. Now the number of young adults who are members of their WhatsApp group is growing. 


Focus on Young People
Come and Join Ecumenical Evenings for 18+


Four amazing ecumenical evening for young adults from Merseyside took place in November 2018, March, April and May 2019. They shared their faith and discovered many comunalities. At their last meeting they gave a valuable  ecumenical input into the Archdiocesan Synod 2020. There is an overwhelming desire to continue these gatherings possibly also on a bigger scale in the future. The evenings are led by the young adults who take it in turn to prepare them.
If you are interested in being part of these ecumenical gatherings, why not join us on Monday, 8th July from 6:30 - 8:30pm for a bring and share supper. For further details please contact Veronica These gathering take place every 2nd Monday of the month. 

Merseyside representatives at CTE Forum 2018 
Young Adults from Merseyside got involved!


Representatives from Merseyside took part in CTE Forum September 2018. This was a very vibrant event with a good representation of young adults too. For further info please copy and paste: or all post Forum material including photos, videos and evaluations is availalbe on: 


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