Peter Marchand


Peter Marchand was Chairman of CTIM from 2013, and went to be with the Lord on 26th September 2018.  He is greatly missed and is remembered with much love. 


Peter Marchand


Peter was born on 27th March 1949 in Sussex. He gained his Masters Degree in Theology from Emmanuel College, Cambridge and PGCE from Bristol University before going into the teaching profession. He was head of RE in 4 different schools in the UK and Solomon Islands (including Chatham Boys Grammar 1980 - 1983) and lived in Gillingham since.

He entered full-time Christian ministry in 1983 and served as a missionary along with his wife in Egypt for 3 years and then spent 17 years as pastor of Beulah Christian Fellowship, Gillingham. He founded his own charity, Inn Christian Ministries and has travelled to five continents preaching, teaching and planting churches. Inn continues to work with and support many orphans and widows in Uganda and India.
Peter married Gill in 1979 and they have three married sons.
Alongside the international ministry, in Medway Peter was the driving force for and organiser of numerous inter-church missions and initiatives including the Global Days of Prayer, Priestfield 2000, More Than Gold and the recent JustOne at the Priestfield stadium Gillingham in June 2018.
He served as Chairman of Churches Together In Medway from 2013 till he resigned in 2018 and was the chaplain to the Mayor in 2016.
Some tributes:
I had the pleasure of meeting with Peter shortly after I moved into the Medway Towns in 2003 on Skinner street Gillingham. Peter and I immediately took a liking to one another and that was the start of a friendship, partnership, mentorship and comradeship all rolled into one.

His passion for the church in Medway was contagious, Peter soon introduced me to various join church projects, prayer initiatives like the Global Day of Prayer, Prayer for Medway. Saints Alive, Medway More than gold, Celebrate Medway and most recently JustOne Outreach which held at the Priestfield Stadium in June 2018.

Peter's energy seems boundless, he always had a heart to reach out to more people and bring them into a place of unity of the 'body of Christ'. He was an inspiring leader, visionary, strategist and missionary. It has been a great honour and privilege to serve alongside Peter and his dear wife Gill on ministry projects too numerous to count. Right until his final days in much pain and discomfort, he just kept soldering on faithfully as a general marshalling his troops. Peter, the firm, frank, meticulous, diligent, hard-working leader always had humour close by, holding long meetings with Peter was always fun and full of laughs.   

Peter remains a glorious phenomenon, an enigma, a shining example of faith, a true ambassador of Christ, an unrelenting passionate labourer for souls, a mentor to many, a father of faith to not just his congregation but to many in diaspora, a giant and elder statesman in ministry.

To say you will be missed is an understatement, my wife Bisi, the family and the whole church in Medway take solace in the knowledge that we will meet you again someday at the feet of our saviour.

Adieu my dear friend, we as the Churches Together in Medway are indebted to you for so much you have given, sown into our lives and ministries. Till we meet again, rest on in the bosom of our saviour Jesus Christ.

Pastor Stephen Bello
Acting Chairman, Churches Together in Medway

Last words are important, so thank you Peter for your last words. 'Love one another' Love misses - Love remembers = Love heals. Rest in Peace

x Beaty 

"You fought the fight and conquered. The ship sails from the harbour and we all say 'goodbye', suddenly we could not see you again on this side of the harbour, lo and behold, people on the other side are saying 'welcome' to a great ambassador of the most High. Earth's loss is Heaven's gain. 

Peter, rest in perfect peace. May your immediate family and the Church family be comforted, and the peace of God rest on ALL in Jesus name Amen."

John Akeem Shomade
Agapeo Love International Ministries 
'I remember when I first started working with the church in 1998, I was a youth worker and Peter Marchand was already well established in the Medway towns!  His reputation went before him as someone who was passionate about Jesus and committed to mission.  He was a man of the Word and Spirit and expected God to speak and to act in situations.  I remember seeing him in church meetings across Medway, walking about praying and looking in his Bible. I specifically remember on at St Marks, Gillingham in the late nineties where churches were together praying.  As someone that was relatively new to church ministry, I wondered who Peter was as I watched him walking back and forth and then sitting down eagerly looking at his Bible.  It was an image of someone that was fully engaged with the Word and in the Spirit. 

Another great story that might perhaps be picked up by others who were involved personally,  was the account of a mini-revival at Chatham Grammar Boys school where Peter was a teacher many years before.  As a youth worker and subsequently church leader, I was fascinated and inspired to hear about how Peter had set up a christian union in the school which in time filled up classrooms and the lecture theatre.  Many of the boys became christians and a number are still around in Medway (including some who became church leaders). 

Peter’s unwavering commitment to taking the gospel out and uncompromising attitude on many levels was a strength to the churches in Medway and an example of how to keep focus on the main things...'

Adam Voke, Cornerstone City Church