ROC Survey of facilities for the homeless and in need of accommodation support.


You will no doubt have heard of the work ROC (Redeeming our Communities) has been doing in Northamptonshire and particularly in Kettering and the surrounding area.

We are now seeking to start dealing with some of the highlighted issues. In particular we hope you will support us in compiling a list of the facilities currently available for those who are homeless or in need of support linked to an accommodation need.

We would appreciate understanding what is currently offered. Please give as much detail as possible. Would you please also let us know of any expertise you have in your group which, for whatever reason, you cannot fully utilise. It may be that we could link you with others who can work with you in that respect.

All this detail will only be used to compile a directory for everyone to use and hopefully link to the Kettering Futures Partnership site too. We are aware this may be a sensitive issue, however, we all have a heart for the homeless and want to improve the outcomes for those who use our services, so please join with us in trying to ensure everyone knows about all the support available across the area.

We are also told that there is some duplication of services within the town, and whilst aware that there is often good reason for this, we would like to start some discussions amongst us all, so that we are making the best use of available volunteers, facilities and resources. 

Ideally we shall end up with a guide to help each of us and our service users, know what is available and where. If any of your information needs restricted circulation please make that clear.

Your reply should be sent to   or 21 Montagu Street, Kettering, NN16 8XG  please. Jo will be collating the replies. Should you wish to discuss this letter please email or telephone me on 07774581562. You can also use WhatsApp if you prefer.

Thank you for reading this and a special thank you to those able to respond in detail.

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