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Farnham Corona Virus Helpline

FARNHAM AND VILLAGES HELPLINE — If you need help during the COVID-19 emergency and have no access to family, friends and neighbours, call the Farnham Co-ordination Centre on 01252-745446 (9:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m) or e-mail help@farnhammaltings.com.  There is a recorded message on the phone line outside hours.  This is organised by Farnham Town Council in conjunction with Farnham Herald and The Maltings.

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Download the Helpline Leaflet (PDF format file size 228,985)

The Town Clerk to Farnham Town Council wrote to Farnham’s Community Representatives on 26th March 2020:

Farnham Coronavirus Helpline
Over the past week, an immense amount of work has been undertaken by a range of community organisations and volunteers, led by the Farnham Maltings and Farnham Town Council with the support of the Farnham Herald, Farnham Nextdoor and the Farnham Response Group, as well as Churches Together, Farnham Foodbank, Farnham Money Advice, Meals on Wheels, Residents’ Associations and the Farnham Society, as well as many other individual groups,
Together, we have formed a Farnham COVID-19 Co-ordinating Group and have created a Coronavirus Helpline to support the wider response being led by the Surrey Local Resilience Forum.  A copy of the leaflet promoting the helpline is attached, along with further details of other key contact numbers and websites.  Please share this leaflet widely among you members and contacts, and on social media, so we can provide the best support we can during this diffiult time.  The leaflet will be available in supermarkets and be distributed the the Royal Mail in early April.
The Coronavirus Helpline will follow GDPR and Safeguarding procedures and aim to match requests for help with those volunteering to help at the level closest to the person requesting it.  Ideally, this will be at a street level, to build stronger community bonds, so that, after the pandemic has passed, Farnham will be a stronger and more resilient community.
This initiative is not to replace or replicate all the amazing community support that is already happening.  It is to help in those aareas where there may not be a local network.  If you are a service provider or local community group that can help coordinate requests at a very local level, please register at https://airtable.com/shrZz2uYerkw67iiR
Individual volunteers wishing to register can do so at https://airtable.com/shrIpJeyIPogX4m04
Please display the attached leaflet on your website, facebook page and e-mail to your mailing list.  Thank you for your help.
Yours sincerely
Iain Lynch
Town Clerk on behalf of the Farnham COVID-19 Co-ordinating Group

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