Serving the churches of Woolwich and Plumstead

Individual churches of Woolwich and Plumstead may be members of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, and one of the four national ecumenical organisations, through their national denomination or organisation.

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Summer Picnic 2015 (Saturday 20 June 2015)


Song Fest 2015 (Saturday 2 May 2015)


Silent Walk of Witness (Friday 3 April 2015)


Unity Service 2015 (Monday 19 January 2015)

Held at Trinity Methodist Church


Ordination of Pastor Brissett of Rivers of Life Church to Bishop (Saturday 23 August 2014)

Ordination of Pastor Brissett 23.08.14


Silent Walk of Witness (Friday 18 April 2014)


Silent Walk of Witness (Friday 29 March 2013)