Invitation to Churches in Woolwich and Plumstead

Churches Together in Woolwich and Plumstead (ctwp) would like to invite your church to join us.

The aim of ctwp is to help churches in this area to work cooperatively together and support one another in spreading the good news about Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for our sins and encouraging people to find salvation in Him and live their lives for His glory.

There is a small financial contribution, currently £25 per church a year, which goes towards supporting the work of the group in various ways.

It would be brilliant if one or more of your members would come along to contribute ideas from your church and take back information from ctwp to your congregation. It will also be greatly appreciated if you would advertise the work/events of ctwp in your church newsletter, notice boards and notices as well as informing us of events in your church that other churches can participate in and be blessed by.

Yours in Christ

Churches Together in Woolwich and Plumstead