Hello Friends! 

Disciples Making Disciples - Wed 25th April, 7.30pm - Biggleswade Baptist Church

We are called to know Jesus and to make him known.

Biggleswade Baptist Church are hosting an evening seminar on Wednesday 25th April called Disciples Making Disciples and this is your invite! 

Matt Summerfield, our speaker, is the Pastor of Hitchin Community Church and President of Urban Saints.  He's a regular speaker at conferences, festivals and churches across the UK - and beyond – and is known for his creative and inspiring mix of story-telling, bible-teaching and humour.  He is passionate about people discovering Jesus and committing their lives to Him – becoming influencers for the Kingdom of God wherever they go and whoever they meet.


Here are further details:-


In this inspiring, fun-packed, and faith stretching evening – you’ll get to discover the following:

·4 powerful reasons why we should long for people to become followers of Jesus

·3 confidence-building activities which help people get interested in faith

·3 simple phrases to explain what it means to be a Christian

·4 life-style challenges to make disciples who make disciples

·1 BIG commitment that could change the lives of millions of people


Who is the event aimed at?

Adults and to include young, secondary school age individuals.  Whilst this event is aimed at Christians, do consider inviting non-Christians to come too! Who knows what might happen? Matt will create an opportunity for people to respond to Jesus in the course of the evening.   


What's the cost?

Nothing. It's FREE.

Do I need to book?

Ideally, Yes.  Either call the Church Office 01767 312667 OR send an email to .  We will not be issuing tickets but would like a record of numbers to assist with planning, refreshments, setup etc.


We and Urban Saints are promoting the seminar to local churches.  Please consider using this  poster  Disciples Making Desciples for your local church and sharing the information over the next couple of Sundays.

We look forward to welcoming you and your friends on the evening of 25th April.

God Bless

Jo Sharman

Church & Community Worker

Biggleswade Baptist Church

01767 312667



 April 2018