PROJECT CHRISTMAS ANGEL is well under way....and in several churches in town people are knitting little angels, about 5" high. We are hoping for at least 1000!
The idea is that in the weeks before Christmas these angels (with a little card saying
I am free...Happy Christmas, and a greeting on the back)will be distributed round the town in public places....

The aim is to share God's love and to bless the people in Oswestry with this little gift.....of course it is not the angels touching peoples hearts, but the prayers prayed while we knit...isn't it amazing that God already knows who will receive the angel you and I are knitting

Christmas Angel explained:

Aim:       Knit small angels.
Idea. Attach a gift tag with a message of hope.
How:      You can find the knitting pattern and other instructions here and once you have downloaded it just get knitting.
Where: Knit on your own, with friends, at a cafe or even in church. You could even teach someone else to knit.
Deadline: Angels need to be ready by November a date will set later.

There will be a commissioning and handing out of the angels in December

At the moment it would be great to find more knitters......... if you feel you could knit a few...or lots....why not join us....
And if you don't knit but would like to be involved we will need all sort of skills later in the year:

the little cards need to be that something you could do??
holes need to be punched, strings cut, cards tied round the angels...
and of course we need many many of us to pray that God will
flood the town with His Love...
and then the fun of getting up early one day and placing angels here and there.....

The angel pattern and more info about the project can be found on

If you would like more information or would like to meet for coffee and a chat please contact me.

With Christian love

Leny Cato 07515 397205
( ps I worship at Albert Rd Evangelical Church)