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Dear Friends,

I'm writing on behalf of the Community Outreach Group (COG) with further information and publicity about:

"Get in the picture!" and other activities, which will take place on Bailey Head Market on....

Sat 3rd Dec, 11.30am - 2pm (approx) - day of the parade
Sat 10th Dec, 10.30am - 1pm (approx)
We would be most grateful if you are able to publicise these activities with your congregation, and to help you do this, I have attached 3 documents in PDF formats (please let me know if you need them in Word)

1) A4 poster for churches
2) A5 insert for church newsletters
3) A5 flyer (for circulating to friends, families, mums and toddlers groups / Messy Church etc)
(2 x A5 flyers per A4 page)
Hope these are helpful (sorry they're a little late!

Calling all singers! for those who enjoy singing in parts, and would like to join a small carol-singing group for Sat 3rd (and maybe the 10th), there will be a rehearsal on Wednesday 30th November, 7.30pm to 9.15pm, at St Oswald's Parish Centre. For more details about this, contact: Penny Harris Tel. 07704 218040
We would very much appreciate your prayers for these events.
Do contact me if you would like anyfurther information.

With many thanks for your support and every blessing for this Advent and Christmas season,

Elinor (Nicholas)
Co-ordinator, COG
Tel 01691 662639 elinor.nic112@gmail.com