Christmas starts with Christ

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Xmas2017 Nativity with blue background

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  • Christmas carol, crib, Christingle and other services in Newport Pagnell
  • the CTNP  'Find the Nativity' event on Newport Pagnell High Street on Saturday morning, 16th December
  • links to recordings of this years' radio adverts to be aired on Heart FM during Advent; their punchline is 'Christmas Starts with Christ' 
  • find your local church at About CTNP or Find a church
  • have a look at the Milton Keynes Where's Jesus site at WheresJesus
  • link to the 'Christmas Starts with Christ' website by clicking on the logo
Christmas starts with Christ 

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Christmas radio ads airing during Advent
on Heart FM

Make sure you audio is enabled, volume is up, and then enjoy the folllowing clips on YouTube

Radio ads for this year 
Radio ads from previous years

What is missing from Christmas 

Christmas lights you can see from space

A Hashtag in a Pear Tree

Audio and Video Ads for Christmas 2015

CTNP Family Christmas Nativity Advent
Saturday 16th December, 10.30-11.30am on the High Street, Newport Pagnell

Xmas2017 CTNP Familty Nativity 16th Dec 
At Christmas baby Jesus was born, but who else was there as well?
If you search Newport Pagnell High Street between 10.30am and 11.30am on Saturday 16th December you will find the other folk around in Bethlehem at the time. 
Pick up a trail map at your first stop; see who you can find; and make your way to the stable where Mary and Joseph will be waiting;
there will be refreshments and concluding carols between 11.30am and 11.45am
See pictures of previous year's events (and the donkey), at CTNP Nativity Archive 


Thursday 14th Dec 7.30pm  Beer & Carols at the Plough (High St)
Sunday 17th Dec    4pm Newport Pagnell Baptist Church
Sunday 17th Dec 6pm All Saints, Lathbury
Sunday 17th Dec 6pm Blessed Virgin Mary, Moulsoe
Sunday 17th Dec 6pm 9 Lessona & Carols, at the URC
Wednesday 20th Dec 6pm start at the URC for carols around the town
Friday 22nd Dec 7pm the Parish Church 

Crib services 

Christmas Eve 24th Dec
4pm at the United Reformed Church
7.30pm at the Parish Church

the service called CHRISTINGLE

Sunday 17th December

10.30am Carol & Christingle service at the Methodist Church

4pm  Christingle at the Parish Church

Christingle celebrations are named after the Christingles that are lit during the service. At the version celebrated in the Parish Church, everyone assembles their own Christingle using an orange, red ribbon, sweets and a candle which are all provided. Each piece of the Christingle holds special symbolism to help children understand the importance of Jesus; the lit candle represents Jesus as the light of the world.

For the Children's Society background see Christingle 

Because Christingle was specifically created with children in mind, the celebrations are the perfect event to take children along to, and can be enjoyed by people of all ages

As families stand in a circle, with the Christingle candles all lit, it is a time of wonder and awe and a lovely way to begin your Christmas celebrations.

[Geoff Morris adds ...]Christingle Services have changed enormously since they first began and are now one of the most popular ways for families to look forward to Christmas. The idea began in the eighteenth century with a simple red ribbon tied round a candle to represent Jesus as the light of the world with the ribbon reminding us of the suffering he went through for us. This was mostly a service in the Moravian Church until 1968 when the Children's Society of the Church of England picked up on this idea for a fundraising event and from then it has grown into the increasingly popular Family event it is today.

 For more details,
browse further down to find the range of church activities and services being held in the run up to Christmas

The Anglican churches of the Parish Church, St Luke's, All Saints Lathbury and the Blessed Virgin Mary, Moulsoe

SSPP Christmas serivices 2017

St Bede's Catholic Church

Sunday 24th December, Christmas Eve

4.30pm Family Mass

Monday 25th December, Christmas Day 

9am Christmas Mass


The United Reformed Church

URC Christmas services 2017 

The Calvary Chinese Christian Church

Sunday 24th December, Christmas Eve

regular Sunday service in the Methodist Church, starting at 2.30pm

Monday 25th December, Christmas Day 

Christmas Day service in the Methodist Church, starting at 2.30pm



The Methodist Church 

Sunday 17th December

10.30am Carol and Christingle Service

6pm joiniing with the United Reformed Church for 9 Lessons & Carols (at the United Reformed Church)

Sunday 24th December, Christmas Eve

10.30am all age worship

Monday 25th December, Christmas Day 

10.30am Christmas Day united service with the United Reformed Church, held  in the Methodist Church



Newport Pagnell Baptist Church 

NPBC Christmas services 2017-1
NPBC Christmas services 2017-2