with this year's CTNP Holiday Club

HolClub2017 small poster August 14 to 18 


To help with this year's Club,

  • please print the volunteer's Form at HolClub2017 Volunteer Form
  • When completed, please return to the office at Lovat Hall, Silver Street, Newport Pagnell MK16 0EJ.
  • If you have any queries or want to discuss anything, contact tel: 01908 618898 or email: or


If you want to register a child for the club, see CTNP Holiday Club 2017 and 16 


If you are volunteering for the 2017 Club, put the following dates in your diary

  • Sunday 23rd April 7pm–8.30pm at Lovat Hall; planning meeting
  • Sunday 9th July at Lovat Hall; an important meeting to meet your team, tour the venue, and review our materials
  • Sunday 13th August 6m–9pm at Lovat Hall; set-up
  • 14th–18th August, 10am–12.30 with an evening on the Thursday; Holiday Club



Some information about last year's Club (2016)


Holiday Club 2016 

This is a four-day fun filled holiday club, for around 150 infant and junior school aged children. We have a great time with people from all the churches. It is a highlight event for church children and reaches many others who never go to church. This year's theme "Guardians of Ancora" features great Bible stories within a fun filled program. Check out the Scripture Union Holiday Club website

If you want to book a place for a child, see CTNP Holiday Club 2017 and 16 

What is helping like as a volunteer? The location for the club is open from 8am so you can be as early as you like to set up each day. Children will be divided by age groups into groups of roughly 10. Each group will have a leader and helpers. Children will enjoy craft, teaching, refreshments in the groups. At other times we all gather together for teaching, games and fun led from the front. You'll be in good company. In the midst of serving the children the team have a lot of fun. It's great to work together. At the end of the week you will have made new friends. There is a crèche to facilitate helpers. 

Diary dates:

Training meeting: Sunday 3rd July 7pm—9pm at Lovat Hall. Here we bring you up to speed by meeting your team, touring the venues and reviewing our materials. 

Setup Sunday 14th August 6pm—9pm

The Holiday Club 15th—18th August 10am—12.30 (with a clear up on the Friday morning).

We plan to create an amazing magical space in the hall with a library/museum feel to enchant the children with. If you want to access our planning material on the internet, ask Jack for Dropbox access. 

If you would like to help,

please print off and complete the HolClub2016 VolunteerForm

and return it to the office at Lovat Hall
(contact details on the application form)