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Brookland volunteer cook required

MK Torch Fellowship at Loughton, MiltonKeynes

  • MK Torch Fellowship (see TorchTrust ) is desperately in need of more volunteers to provide lifts for Logo: Torch Fellowship MKvisually impaired people, so that they may attend meetings providing Christian Fellowship; for many, who are quite isolated, the meeting is a highlight of the month;
  • Meetings are held on the second Saturday each month, 3pm—5pm; the task is to pick people up from their homes, take them to the Loughton Baptist Church for 3pm, and then take them back home at 5pm; if you would like, you are invited to stay for the meeting and a cuppa; even if you can't make every month, your help giving lifts would still be appreciated;
  • MK Torch Fellowship has been running for 23 years; this February's meeting had to be cancelled because of lack of drivers to bring people to the meeting, so you can imagine the disappointment that brought; please consider whether God might be calling you to serve Him in this way; you are likely to get as much from this activity as you give;
  • If you feel you can help, please contact:
    Sue Richards at 01908 217216 or sueandjr@btinternet.com

  • The Memory Club requires additional volunteers; see the bottom of the page at Memory Club

  • Emergency Help Scheme are looking for a chairperson; see Emergency Help Scheme



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