A very short background

The core ideas and practice of Christianity arise from the sayings and the example of the life of a person known as Jesus, who lived around 2000 years ago. His life is to be understood in the context of the presence of one creator God of love.

Because the founding events occurred so long ago, there has been plenty of time for the ideas to develop, splits, separate groups, organisations and churches to form, and an accompanying history to develop. You may know some of this, and it may influence your current approach to Christianity. For example

  • the history of what has been done in the name of Western Christianity is not always uplifting, and plenty of blood has been spilt in the name of Western Christianity; this is sometimes used by opponents to criticize religions in general for the damage they can cause; alternatively, have a look at the radical core Christian ideas as shown in the example of Jesus' life presented in the New Testament of the Bible;
  • all the different sects or churches of Western Christianity (for example, the member churches of CTNP) represent only some of the branches of the total Christian world; the Coptic church of the Ethiopian area is another organisationally quite separate group, and the Eastern Orthodox Churches of Greece and Russia split off from the Church of Rome over a period of centuries about 1000 years ago; so it is true there are many variations to choose, just focus on Jesus;
So coming back to Jesus, one site you might start at is ChristianityExplored , search "Christianity Explored" on YouTube, or check out the other resources further down this page.
Following any religion is not just a static process of picking up some beliefs, but an ongoing, active search for help, helpful ideas and practices, or a search for meaning and purpose.
A television documentary once characterised the many faces of religion and belief as 'The Long Search'. Welcome to this search or ongoing journey!

So what next? 

Whether new to Christian ways or not, whether a church-goer or not, you might have pressing practical needs or questions, or a more unclear desire for a sense of meaning or purpose.
For whatever is on your mind, you may want to
  • use the quiet in or around one of the churches to sit and collect your thoughts; find locations for the churches at About CTNP
  • talk to someone at one of the churches; find church contact details and locations via links to their websites at About CTNP
  • investigate the possibility of healing by looking at What about healing?
  • get started or develop the place of prayer in your life at Prayer is for everyone
  • start or deepen your reading of the Bible by checking out Reading the Bible
  • checkout different systems of belief; if you have an interest in different systems of belief, or want to look at some discussion of Christian beliefs, try About belief - first 3 series
  • check out the resources listed further down this page, or listed on the pages linked to above


Some alternatives 

Spring Harvest for inter-denominational conferences.

NewWine for events, meetings and resources. 

NewLife Church MK a church community in MK 

CleanSlate Church Tongwel; related sites are FeedMK and CleanSlate Football Club

ChristianityExplored this link goes straight to the page with a video, but there is the rest of the website to explore 

Redletter Christians for those attempting to follow the example of Jesus' life; in some Bibles, the words spoken by Jesus are printed in a red-coloured typeface.

The Simple Way is an intentional community located in the United States where the community, as a group, attempt to put into pratice the example of Jesus' life.


Some resources you might check out

re:jesus This site is made up of modules, quizzes and blogs and is well worth exploring. There is something for everyone!

Christian Enquiry Agency This site sets out Christian beliefs in a clear and simple way and also discusses some of the troubles people face in life e.g. illness, bereavement, loneliness, addiction, debt etc. So again, there is something for everyone here.

Find links to resources related to Christmas and Easter at Christmas Best Wishes 2016 and Easter 2017 services

For comment on current topics, see the Loose Canon column, by Giles Fraser in the Guardian

To see if an approach through poetry helps, check out Lucy Berry. As well as poems, performances, books (one paper, two Kindle only e-books) and a blog, Lucy leads workshops for contextual worship-writing, and to discern Call in congregations or with elders/church warden group. Sample her poems at About belief--fourth series Spring 2017

Poetry by Godfrey Rust at wordsout and at Easter 2017 services

Poetry by Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy at Easter 2017 services and background at the blog of Patrick Comerford and Taking God and cigarettes to the frontline

ChristianHealingMission for prayer, a blog with a Biblical-based thought for the day, and healing

Burrswood for healing with a Christian heart; previously this organisation included a hospital, but in future it will focus on outpatients and retreats.

For other resources related to healing see What about healing?

Redletter Christians for those attempting to follow the example of Jesus' life; in some Bibles, the words spoken by Jesus are printed in a red-coloured typeface.

The Simple Way is an intentional community located in the United States where the community, as a group, attempt to put into practice the example of Jesus' life.

The Daily Bread Co-operative a co-operative run by Christians who mean to put their faith in Jesus into practical action through how the organisation is organised and run as well as the choice of products sold. 

The Gospel Coalition for a more evangelical view.

The Bible Reading Fellowship 

For other resources related to the Bible see Reading the Bible