When Churches Together in Mossley Hill made a Covenant an Ecumenical Prayer Group was born.  The aim of the group is to give witness to the scriptural affirmation, "We are members of Christ's body, members of one another."

The group meets every month in the parpour of the Convent of the Sisters of Notre Dame, Woolton Road, (opposite the entrance to Bishop Eton), kindly hosted by Sr Kathleen, SND, at 7.45pm for a 8.00pm start.  Meetings involve prayer, music and meditation.  There are no restrictions on Membership, all are welcome.   Currently 6-12 people join the prayer evening every month.  A wide ecumenical group of people joins the group in prayer even if they cannot attend the meeting.

Come along an join us.   Dates of the monthly meetings are published on the Calendar.

Contact  Peter Moloney  Tel: 722 5857, Email: