Everyone has a Christmas tradition. When to decorate the house, when to put the tree up, how to have Christmas lunch. What to eat, watch, and drink. Who to meet up with, where to go. Small traditions, unique to every family making Christmas special for each of us.

For the third year running Churches Together in the Merseyside Region with Together for the Harvest and other church partners are supporting the national Christmas starts with Christ campaign.

Two years ago churches across our region joined in the Christmas campaign with a unified message to Make Christ part of your Christmas tradition. With posters adorning Liverpool Central station, on buses and importantly outside churches, united we made an impact, successfully competing with the retail industry and their large advertising budgets.

cswcbaubleAlso this year the central image will remain the same. On 3rd November we launched 'Carols to Go', a CD with carols by Archbishop Blanch School Choir, Bible readings from Radio Merseyside presenters and a booklet with words of the Bible readings and the carols.  This enables anyone to hold a simple carol service anywhere they like .  We are supplying posters, artwork and resources that you can use for your church. Together we can show the people of Merseyside that Christmas starts with Christ and Christ can be part of their Christmas tradition.

Click here to visit the merseychristmas website and to order your 'Carols to Go' package.