Proposed dates for 2017 CTIM meetings

Senior Ministers and Key Leaders Prayer times (9.30am 11.00am) Venues tbd

Wed 4th Jan

Thurs 2nd March

Sat 6th May

Wed 5th July

Tues 5th September

Sat 4th November

NBs Mons and Frids excluded as many have day’s off then; Sats included for those in secular employment

Senior Ministers and Key Leaders Breakfasts at Wetherspoons (Chatham)

Sat 4th Feb

Tues 6th June

Wed 4th Oct

Prayer For Medway 

Thurs 19th Jan

Thurs 18th May

Thurs 14th Sep - To be managed by Medway House of Prayer

Saints Alive at Rochester Cathedral

Tues 31st Oct

#CelebrateMedway or similar (if decided to repeat) Sat 1st / Sun 2nd July


Mon 9th Oct

I haven’t checked school dates but these worked ok this year. Have avoided evenings due to local congregation meetings.

Peter Marchand, Chair 07/09/16

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